Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a very soft, slow, mindful and meditative yoga style that encourages the student to slow down with the purpose of cultivating a mindful, introspective awareness that can lead into a deep meditative and relaxed state of being.

Our Yin Yoga classes are influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ancient wisdom teachings and Hatha Yoga principles

In TCM it is believed that the body contains meridians (also called Nadis in the Indian system i.e. Ayurveda or Hatha Yoga), a vast invisible energy web with pathways that carry energy (Chi). This web interconnects and surrounds every tissue and organ in the human body. 

Similarly to acupuncture, the simple Yin postures provide pressure to points in the body where energy is stored and released, to bring balance to our overall health. 


Yin Yoga Postures

The postures are held for longer time, generally 3-8 Minutes and up to 10 Minutes

There is no force applied to the postures, you simply allow for gravity to take you. The breathing is a fundamental aspect of any Yoga practice and the same is true for Yin. 

In our classes you will enhance and polish your understanding of breathing consciously, to feel into the body, by practicing different breathing exercises (Pranayamas).

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At OM Yoga Stuttgart we believe that in our fast-paced world we have to slow down in order to give ourselves a chance to gain balance and clarity, which is the foundation for cultivating health and healthy choices. 

Yin up your life, we look forward to welcoming and holding space for you!

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation and deep sharing in the idyllic setting of Costa Brava!