Hot Yoga

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a term used for a yoga practice in a heated room. At OM Yoga Stuttgart the Hot Yoga practice is based on the original Hatha Yoga sequence of 26 asanas (13 standing + 13 floor postures) and 2 Pranayamas (breathing exercises). 

We offer a full 90 minutes class with two repetitions for each posture and a shorter version of 60 minutes (Hot60), which include the same sequence practiced only once. 

You can enjoy a healthy and comfortable floor heating system in our Hotroom, which brings the room temperature between 34-38 degrees Celsius.


Why should you give Hot Yoga a try?

All of the Hot Yoga postures (asanas) are simple and conducive for beginners. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be young, thin, flexible or an athlete to start with Yoga, all you need is a body and the courage to try. 

The step-by-step instructions are simple, clear and to the point. This makes Hot Yoga easy to follow and understand. We start with a breathing exercise and conclude the practice with a breathing exercise followed by Savasana known as the Dead Body Pose (don’t worry you will not die, in fact you’ll feel more alive than ever).

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What are some of the benefits of Hot Yoga?

There are countless benefits to a regular Yoga practice, here are some of the physical benefits that you’ll feel even after your first time: 

The warm temperature in the Hotroom will allow your muscles to achieve greater flexibility and ease getting into the postures, thus you receive the benefits from the postures more quickly with improved safety for your spine as it will be stretched and lengthened throughout the practice. Even after the first class back and neck pain will be instantly alleviated. 

Although you’re not jumping around or doing heavy lifting your heart will beat faster encouraging healthy blood circulation, which provides blood flow to all your vital organs, supplying them with needed oxygen and nutrients.

The breathing exercises can make you feel a bit light headed in the beginning as you’re increasing your lungs capacity encouraging full lung function and giving your lungs the perfect opportunity to oxygenate and remove carbon dioxide from your blood.

Your skin will feel rejuvenated and glow. You will sweat and glow as your pores and capillaries (the little tiny blood vessels) dilate, which oxygenates your body from the inside out, thus flushes out toxins and waste products. It’s like a natural facial as a result of your effort and energy doing the Yoga.

Hot Yoga practice increases metabolism and improves your digestive system. You’ll feel lighter after a short time of practice and notice that it’s easier to go to the bathroom.

Hot Yoga helps your brain and central nervous system to function better. Through regular practice you’ll increase mind-body connection and build healthy and lasting synapsis to all parts of your body.

Our Hotroom is a clean, clear and safe place for practice enjoyed by a diverse group of Hot Yoga practitioners. Come and join us for your first session, the hardest part is to make it to the studio, it’s all easy-peasy smooth sailing from there! There is a reason why you’re reading this, don’t just look at the menu, try and taste the food!

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