Your 1st time

Whether you are new to Yoga or new to our Studio, welcome! Find here all the information needed to get you started.

First things first: If it is your first time at our Studio you get to take advantage of our one time offer, the Intro-Deal: attend any class, as often as you want within 10 consecutive days for only 25€, including a rental mat. On your first visit we ask you to show up 20 minutes before class. This gives us enough time to get you registered, briefed and settled in. 

RegistrationHere you can create an Eversports  account with us. Through our booking tool you can register and pay for classes. 

Check-In: We open doors 15 minutes prior to class. Once class is in session, the doors are locked and you will not be able to enter.

Eating: Try not to eat a hearty meal 2-3 hours prior to class. A full stomach doesn’t like to exercise.

Drinking: You will be sweating a lot. To help your body stay hydrated please make sure you drink a sufficient amount of water before and after class.

Breaks: Especially for beginners, your first class can be overwhelming. Therefore we encourage you to take a break whenever you need one. Please try to stay on your mat.

Equipment: All you need is a sports-bra/shirt, leggings/shorts, two towels (one for shower
and one for mat) water bottle and a mat. No unprotected glass bottles in the Hotroom!

Health: Please share any health conditions you have with the teacher prior to class.

Etiquette: Please know that our Yoga Studio is a sacred place for many. We ask that you practice mindfulness during your time at OM Yoga Stuttgart. Find here our Studio Etiquette.

For further questions check out or FAQ’s.

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