Reflect, Write & Grow: a Workshop with Oz & Martin

Writing, Meditation and Yoga Workshop

In a universe full of change, there is the infinite possibility of personal transformation. Like a caterpillar that transforms into a beautiful butterfly, each of us undergoes constant change that shapes, creates and revitalizes us.

The journey of personal transformation often begins with a moment of self-awareness – a spark that ignites the desire for change. It is like waking up from a dream in which we are trapped without realizing it. Upon awakening, however, we consciously decide to enter the path of further development.

On this journey, we encounter our fears, doubts, old patterns and beliefs. But we also discover our strengths, our potential and the infinite power that lies within us. Every step we take, every challenge we face, shapes us anew, unfolds us and allows us to grow beyond ourselves.

It is a process of letting go and receiving, of pain and joy, of doubt and faith. Through transformation, we experience a metamorphosis of the soul that connects us more deeply with our true self.

At the end of this journey, we stand transformed – not perfect, but authentic. We bear the scars of our struggles, but also the wisdom of our experiences. We are no longer the person we were at the beginning, but a living work of art made of light and shadow, dreams and reality.

The journey of personal transformation is never complete because we are constantly in the flow of life. But in every moment we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to blossom and to let our true greatness unfold.

May this journey teach us that the greatest change begins within ourselves – and that we are the creators of our own destiny.

How do we get in touch with our being or higher self on this journey?

Step by step. By activating our senses, through body awareness and breathing. It is the mastery of self-reflection: meditation, breathing exercises, asanas. In this way, we create a basis on which everything else happens by itself.

How is the workshop going to play out?

The miracle happens in groups of two. The pairs ask each other existential questions. Each person then takes it in turns to answer the respective question for three minutes and then writes down their answer.

This communication method allows you to talk in a protected, safe environment about how you are feeling at the moment, what body sensations, feelings and thoughts you have.

This creates a special kind of contact with yourself and the world that you may never have experienced before. Perhaps your relationships with other people will become deeper and happier. This method helps you to become aware of your own bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts and leads to you coming into your power and creative ability.

The special thing about it, however, is writing down your soul words. Some call it journaling, some call it diary writing. We say: book your life! Consciously activate the words in these moments. Write your life book. Because a piece of paper and a pen can work wonders, heal pain, make dreams come true, bring back lost hope.

The Power of the Word

Paulo Coelho knows: “Heaven and earth can be created on a blank sheet of paper“. Emptiness becomes fullness. Paired with the asanas and breathing, this becomes a process of creative writing.

More: Because writing means reading yourself, as Max Frisch said, and harnessing the healing power of language. Because “naming something precisely liberates” according to Hilde Domin. And it opens up profound insights into life. On this path, you can sense the wonders of the simple. Nature and ourselves. Emotions, spirit and soul flow onto the paper as if by themselves.

Saturday, May 4, 2 – 5.30 p.m.
Ticket: 79€ (including journal and pen)
Members Only Ticket: 71€ (including journal and pen)

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