Workshop The New Basics Vol. 2 with Everett


explore the 26+2 Sequence WITH EV

Building on concepts from The New Basics workshop, let’s go further into the mechanics of the 26+2 series. 

Within each pose and pranayama exercise are “hidden” patterns that we can learn to sense and utilize as we move through the practice we know and love. We will discover these patterns using “eccentric” poses practiced in the same order as the HOT yoga series, bringing us into a parallel dimension where everything is different and yet…wonderfully the same. 

Often a small change—like pulling in the navel, closing the ribcage, aligning the pelvis, positioning the feet—can offer a completely different experience in a posture. I’ve found alternate exercises focused on the most essential structures in each pose, exercises that will be challenging but eye-opening, maybe even mind-blowing, and most definitely fresh.

This workshop is ideal for those of you who find certain postures “impossible” or painful, confusing—or even boring! Like being in a room that’s all too familiar, sometimes we can’t even see what’s right in front of us. These postures, too, can sometimes hide their most valuable aspects. 

The beginning of the New Year is an excellent time to find new approaches, new strength, and new care for your yoga practice. Let’s take a whole new view on things—posture by posture, and breath by breath.


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