Embrace Motherhood: Prenatal Yoga with Peyton


Pregnancy Yoga at OM Yoga Stuttgart

Prenatal Yoga is back! And with it comes a new wonderful prenatal yoga teacher: welcome Peyton!

Peyton’s approach to prenatal yoga goes beyond conventional pose modifications, offering a nurturing space for mothers to foster a deep connection with both the growing baby and the transformative journey of childbirth.

Each class starts with and incorporates effective breathing techniques and postures to:

  • Relax and calm the mind
  • Address current joint & muscle tension related to pregnancy
  • Prepare you for a functional birth through balance and alignment to the pelvic floor and pelvic & uterine ligaments

On top of the movement, breathing and stretching, the prenatal classes provide a supportive community where mothers-to-be can share their experiences, concerns, and joys.

You will not only find relief from physical discomfort but also gain tools to navigate the emotional and mental challenges that can arise during pregnancy.

Prenatal Classes will take place every Wednesday at 10am. No previous yoga experience is required.

Ready to to meet Peyton? 

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