Psychedelic Breath + Yoga Workshop

Psychedelic Breath meets Yoga at OM Yoga Stuttgart!

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a powerful breathing ritual that combines the latest research on breathing with traditional breathing techniques from the yoga lineage.

Through rhythmic breathing in combination with intentional pauses and the accompaniment of electronic music, we have the opportunity to experience other states of consciousness and to connect with our inner truth, making space for what it’s in our heart  to flourish.

To prepare you for this journey into the inner dimension, Lisa will guide you through a 30 min. simple Vinyasa sequence that will help you arrive in your physical body and find a meditative flow.

In this workshop we will dedicate ourselves fully to the breath, the movement, the flow and the rhythm and we will be rewarded with a glimpse of our true essence.

Meet The Teacher: Charlotte

I’m Charlotte and I was searching for my own personal purpose when I came across PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®. PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is a ritual created by Eva Kaczor that combines breathing with electronic music.

This combination is the perfect technique for me to relax, dive into what really makes me tick, and to clarify questions, the answers to which I have been searching for for a long time.

After a lot of own practice with my mentor, I decided to change my career path and train as a PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® Facilitator.

I have now been designing sessions since 2020.

My self-employment allows me to combine my passion for breathwork, yoga and styling.

For me it is pure happiness to lovingly prepare the sessions, create music sets and take you on a journey to yourself.


This is how Founder Eva Kaczor describes this wonderful breathing ritual:

It is a powerful ritual that uses the latest findings from the science of breathing, as well as breathing techniques from ancient spiritual traditions. In combination with electronic music we have the chance to experience other states of consciousness.

During PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® our brain frequency changes and we address an area of the brain that we usually activate when we are creative or relaxed. Thus, we enter a deeply meditative state.

It gives us the opportunity to dive into our subconscious, release physical and emotional blocks and change old patterns.

We feel into the source of our only true knowledge – our heart, and from this source we can open ourselves to a new future.

In addition, our body physiology temporarily changes. We release dopamine and serotonin, we lower cortisol and strengthen our immune system.

We create energy and create a whole new experience.

Contraindications for PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®

  • Pregnancy
  • High blood pressure
  • High intraocular pressure
  • Strokes
  • Epilepsy
  • Panic attacks/psychoses
  • Retinal detachment
  • Heart problems
  • Recent surgeries and resulting open wounds or broken bones.

SATURDAY 11/11 – 14.30H (120-180min)

Single Ticket: 59€
Members Only: 53€

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