Stand UP! Workshop with Everett


Yoga workshop in stuttgart

A wise old man once said to me, “It’s not time that gets us in the end, it’s gravity.” 

As children, we’re literally growing up, constantly trying to be taller than we really are, stretching for things just out of our reach. 

But as we become adults, we often forget how to really stand up into our whole selves, our true physical and energetic dimensions. 

Let’s explore how yoga can offer a way to reclaim a full sense of being and find the strength, balance, and concentration that lets you truly stand up and show up.

explore the standing postures

In this Workshop, we will focus on methods of creating space within the spinal cord and pelvic area in standing postures while backbending, twisting, and forward folding. 

Finding this sense of space, length, and extension within the physical body will lead to greater confidence and positivity during yoga practice that we can then bring to other aspects of daily life. 

We will trace the patterns of breath as the inhales lift us from within and the exhales give us a floor to stand on, all while learning to cultivate an attitude of openness and joy in the eyes, mouth, and heart.

All levels are welcome to join this Workshop and beginners are especially encouraged to take part.

Many of the most subtle and internal aspects of yoga, which this Workshop will focus on, are also the most essential, the things we should learn first.

Please come ready to defy gravity, from the inside out!

Sunday 16/7 – 12-14h
Ticket: 39€
MEMBERS ONLY Ticket: 35€

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