New Class! Hot Pilates with Fiorella


finally Hot Pilates in Stuttgart

It’s getting hotter in the Hotroom! Look out for HOT PILATES every Tuesday at 12pm with the stunning Fiorella!

You’ve probably seen Fiorella n the Hotroom before, she’s a long time Yogi and Pilates Teacher and will be passionately guiding the Hot Pilates classes. 

Your yoga mat will provide a safe foundation for all the fun and precise Pilates moves. You’ll feel light, toned and strong after each Hot Pilates experience.

Fiorella’s teaching style is a mix of discipline, fun and love for precision. As a long time professional dancer she knows first hand what the body needs to stay radiant, healthy and vital.

hot pilates at om yoga stuttgart

The Pilates Matwork technique, known mainly as Pilates Mat, is a variation of the Pilates method that is carried out on a mat.

In this technique, strength and elongation exercises are performed mainly through muscle contraction. 

In our 60 minutes Hot Pilates class we use our body as the main tool to improve flexibility, toning, mind strength and posture.

All classes are conducive for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners.

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