Meet The Teacher: Lisa


Name: Lisa
Country of origin: Germany
I cannot resist: Saffron ice cream, well ice cream in general 🙂
When not teaching or practicing: I work in e-commerce – this is why I need Yoga the other half of the day 😀

My first ever Yoga class was when I was still in school and…I hated it

The teacher was so harsh telling us that everything in yoga is a must. If your heels are not touching the floor in downward dog your not doing Yoga and she kept on teaching like this.

After this experience it took me 5 years to give Yoga a second chance and in retrospect I can say you should be generous with giving second chances because you can‘t know what’s waiting for you and maybe it will surprise you. 

So I started doing Yoga. First mostly Vinyasa but in 2014 I went to my first Hot Yoga class and from that day on I was addicted. While still studying I had the pleasure to travel a lot and visit many studios all around the world. I met many different teachers, tried a couple Yoga styles and somewhen in between I decided that only attending Yoga classes was going to be the end of my Yoga journey. It still took me a little while to feel ready to start my teacher training but I finally did it. 

I was and I am still curious to learn more about the practice, the philosophy, the spirituality and myself. Because there is so much more to discover behind the physical Yoga practice. As it is not about doing the most beautiful pose, wearing the most expensive Yoga accessories, or drinking the greenest smoothie you can imagine. 

It’s not about being the most flexible or strongest in the room. It’s about being courageous enough to discover yourself. It’s about finding your voice and learning to express yourself. It’s about finding your own truth. 

And what I learnt so far, there is always something new to discover, challenges to overcome and reasons to celebrate. As I’m navigating my way through this endless adventure, I’m happy for everyone who wants to join on the way.

And such miracles can only happen in a place where you feel truly welcomed, secure and loved. For almost five years now I’m regularly attending classes at OM because this is the exact atmosphere Oz and everyone else teaching here managed to create. 

I’m so excited to be allowed to contribute to this, share my knowledge and learn even more from all of you.

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