Yoga Workshop: The Best Of Both Worlds



Waking and sleeping, dreaming or working, our breath is there, following its own course. The natural movements of inhales and exhales take place without our even noticing them.

But if we let ourselves concentrate on the breath, then the power of its flow can be ours to use.

As a swimmer in the ocean is lifted up and lowered down by the rhythm of the waves, in our yoga practice we can ride the undulations of the breath to find an incredible combination of lightness with strength, alignment with freedom of movement.

The breath lets us have the best of both worlds. But how? 

how to use breath patterns in your yoga practice

In this workshop you will explore practical ways to use your breath effectively in both simple and challenging postures.

We will follow the routes of the inhale through the specific positioning of the arms and legs, feet and hands, head and hips in postures from the Hot Yoga series and Vinyasa flows.

We will explore how the exhale guides us toward strength and stability in those same positions and movements. 

You will find out how to hold onto the length, space, and openness that comes with an inhale as you exhale full and strong. 

You will bring the stability and grounded feeling of an exhalation with you while stretching and extending with the inhalation.

you can have it all

The attention to breath is what makes your yoga practice so special, so completely different from all the other sports and activities you do in your life. The breath is real, and so is its power.

If you are a beginning student, exhilarated but unsure of your technique, or a long-time yogi feeling that there are deeper areas of your practice to explore: this is the workshop fo you.

Saturday 14/5 – h. 14
Price: 39€
Members Only Price: 35€

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