Handstand Workshop with Pratiush

learn the fundamentals of handstand

This is an entry-level workshop for beginners-intermediates covering the fundamentals of the Handstand. 

In this handstand workshop we will break down the puzzle of Handstand for beginners and intermediate practitioners with exercises and progressions adjusted to the level of each individual student. 

The idea is for you to practice the different pieces of the puzzle during the workshop and understand the basic concepts well enough to be able to train on your own following the workshop and make progress at your own pace. 

build the puzzle with the right pieces

We’ll have fun with the following:

1. The Art of Falling – Before attempting a handstand you may already have the Fear of Falling. This fear is what stops most of us even before attempting and, even if you gather the courage to get upside down one time, the fall makes it harder to attempt a second, third or fourth time. That is exactly why you will learn the Art Of Falling and basic exits from a Handstand.

2. Concepts of Aligned & Non-Aligned Handstand Methodology.

3. Basic Body Positioning and Alignment Drills.

4. Handstand-Related Flexibility, Mobility & Balancing.

5. Kicking to Handstand and, if you are already there, Press Handstands (Tuck-Straddle-Pike).

6. Handstand Walking (mainly for those who are already comfortable on handstand, but everyone can try).

handstand workshop open to all levels

This workshop is suitable for individuals who have never tried a Handstand and want a safe place to understand the basics as well as for practitioners who have spent some time exploring handstands but do not have a solid freestanding Handstand.  

If you already have a solid Handstand  (minimum 20 second hold with straight legs) you will have a chance to work on variations & entries to handstand with the expert guidance of Pratiush. 

Added bonus: in this workshop you will develop faith in yourself and tackle all fear with logic & understanding. 

Saturday 25/3 – 12.30h
Price: 39€ 
Members only price: 35€

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