Journey To The Center of You Workshop with Everett


Yoga Workshop in Stuttgart

Even in our yoga practice—not to mention in daily life—it can seem like there’s simply too much going on. The mind wanders, the eyes roam here and there; this muscle hurts and that joint feels tight.

When turning our attention toward one thing seems to require ignoring everything else, how can we even begin to know where to focus? Let’s get centered!

The Workshop: Get Back To What's Essential

This workshop will focus on two key concepts for getting back to what’s essential: the body’s central axis and the navel point

Combining core-strengthening exercises with visualization journeys, breath placement with mind-altering approaches, you’ll find new ways to bring calm, stability, and grace into even your most challenging postures.

Re-align Physical, Mental and Energetic

This will be an exploration—on the physical, mental, and energetic planes—of using the body as a medium for concentration and meditation. 

All levels of experience and yoga style-preference are welcome

This workshop will offer you practical methods for increasing strength and mobility, as well as finding pain-free avenues to dive deeper into your practice.

Saturday 11/3 – h. 12
Price: 39€
Members Only Price: 35€

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