Meet The Teacher: Martin


Name: Martin Haar
Country of origin: Stuttgart, Deutschland
Position at OM Yoga Stuttgart: Yin Yoga Teacher and Soundhealer
Years of Yoga practice: 15
Before I became a Yoga Teacher…I was a Soccer-Coach and a Journalist 
I love this song: Vincent by Don McLean 
I cannot resist: Tiramisu
My motto: Nada Brahma
My favorite Asana (at the moment): Trikonasana
When I don’t teach… I practice Reiki

My path with yoga began after an inspiring touch with Sanjeev Bhanot (Julia Roberts yoga teacher for the movie Eat Pray Love). He told me: : „Happiness is universal perfection. Most seek it in connection with dance, love or sex. But I go the direct way. The yoga way.“ 

The yoga mat, he says gently, “is the battlefield where you will learn a lot about your potential.” 

What sounds martial actually means the opposite. Because it’s not the struggle with oneself and one’s limitations that leads to the goal, he says, but letting go.

That’s why I always say: people here do yoga as a work-out. I, however, teach yoga as a work-in. The direction is inward.

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