Sound Therapy: Yin & Sound Private Session

In the midst of our busy lives it is common to dedicate less than enough time to what is truly good for us.
Knowing what your body and your spirit need to keep moving forward is always a good foundation from which to handle daily challenges and make good decisions in your life’s journey.

Yoga & Sound Therapy at OM Yoga Stuttgart

The combination of simple, relaxing asanas and the vibration of the healing bowls is a powerful way to access all dimensions of our physical & psychological being, also those that hide from our intellectual understanding.

Transcending our three dimensional world and moving beyond the first layers of perception will have the effect of clearing your mind, lifting that everyday burden from your shoulders and making you feel lighter, better and more informed about your own body & mind.

Sound Therapy Stuttgart

All you need for this session are an open mind to try something new and a curiosity towards your breath and how its patterns can effects you.

To book a private session with us and receive further information on how to prepare yourself with intention, simply send us a message at

60 minutes Session 89€.
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