26+2 UNLOCKED – Hot Yoga Workshop


Wether you just started practicing or have been taking regular classes for some time now, it’s always good to make space and time for detailing your practice. 

As the body changes constantly, having a nuanced approach is key to understand and feel your body in the asanas and maximise the benefits every time you step on your mat. 

The Hot Yoga Series: What we do Vs How we do it.

The aim of this workshop is to detail the Hot Yoga series and open the body to create a barrier-free flow of energy. 

The 26+2 series is an ever-giving system that challenges beginners and experienced yogis alike, a system that allows us to learn something new every time we practice it, no matter how long we’ve been doing it for. 

If during regular classes our focus is on the doing, the workshop setting allows for a deeper understanding of each posture and can make you progress faster towards your practice goals. 

Bring your questions

How can I activate all the right muscles to allow for the healing power of the practice to effectively reach the different parts of my body? What am I supposed to feel in each posture? How can I tackle the most challenging asanas and see tangible progress in alignment and depth?

Join Oz for a 2 hours full-immersion on Saturday October 8th at 12 pm

39€ (35€ for Members or 12 Yearly Pass holders)

Ready to take your practice to the next level?

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