Grow Wings: Shoulder Mobility Workshop With Jib


Yoga Workshop In Stuttgart

Does the tightness of your shoulders make your downward dog unbearable? Or have you ever wished to be able to have a grip in dancer pose? 

Not being able to fully ease into a yoga pose because of mobility restrictions is frustrating! In this workshop, Jib will share with you the tools you need to loosen up those joints and gain extra range of motion.

The difference between Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility is the body’s ability to move passively into a posture with the help of gravity, and can create some pretty Instagram shots. But it is not much use in our day to day lives. Mobility is the body’s ability to engage stabilising muscles to actively move in and out of postures, progressing towards the full range of motion.

In this workshop you will learn how to engage and strengthen the stabilising muscles around your shoulder joints and practice some effective exercises and stretches to help improve your shoulder mobility and stability.

With happy shoulders you can avoid injury and feel better every day!

The workshop will take place on Saturday August 27th between h12-14.

Regular Price: €39
Members Price: €35

The workshop is not suited for complete beginners.

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