Open Hips Happy Heart: Hip Mobility & Splits Workshop


Hip Mobility and Splits Workshop

Whether you want to do a split but don’t know where to start, or you want to optimize your hip mobility and see tangible result, ease lower back pain or refine your splits game, this workshop is for you
Many yoga poses allow for muscle and tissues to be stretched in and around the hip area. When hips are tight, our body tends to compensate, increasing the load on and the overuse of the spine causing pain or risk of injuries.  
Working on hips mobility through targeted hip opening exercises and yoga postures helps you improve the blood flow around the groin area, decreasing back pain and increasing your over all range of motion.

Learn tricks & tools from Jib

When I started my yoga journey I was not a gymnast or a dancer. In fact, I was a stiff piece of teak wood from Thailand. Over time I was able to build my strength and flexibility and you can too! In this 2-hour workshop, I will share with you special techniques and tools I have learned over 10 years of yoga practice to explore and get deep into hip-opening poses, from triangle to lotus, all the way to splits and putting your leg behind the head.

The workshop will take place on Saturday June 25th between h12-14.

Regular Price: €39
Members Price: €35

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