Spring Forward Workout Challenge


Spring Forward Challenge: embrace the Spring mood with body and mind!

Invest 30 minutes of your day into priming your muscles and training your mind. Show up every day and get rewarded with a boost of fresh energy that will make you look forward to getting back on your mat the next day!

In the Spring Forward Challenge you will follow a 10 day routine based on a highly efficient, safe and scalable workout system that mixes cardio and strength training, each day focusing on a different body part. Every workout session will start with some FRC exercises to prepare your joints and will end with 5 minutes yoga-stretch to wind down and sooth your muscles. 

No matter if you’re a natural early bird or not, the feeling of starting your day with a short and sweet energising workout session has no equals in setting the mood for the day and, why not? for the season!

Just like Nature awakens in Spring, showing all its majesty and beauty after the the long Winter months, your body will flourish and reward you with precious energy and extra focus and clarity. 

The challenge will follow the structure below: 

Day 1- Neck & wrists 
Day 2- Elbows & Shoulder
Day 3- Chest & Ribs
Day 4- Upper & Lower Belly 
Day 5+6- Pelvis  & Hips
Day 7- Butt & Thighs
Day 8- Knees
Day 9- Ankles & Feet
Day 10- Full body workout & warrior series with cool down meditation

Starting Monday 2/5/2022.
Available Live on Zoom every morning at 7.30am or on Demand via recording for 24h. 

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