Prenatal Yoga with Elli


New Prenatal Yoga Class!

Pregnancy can be the perfect time to start practicing yoga although even experienced yogis can benefit from the interplay of movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation. 

Yoga during pregnancy has many benefits such as improved sleep, reduced stress and pain relief. It also offers you time to connect with yourself and your baby as we rarely find this time in our usual hectic everyday life. 

Pregnancy yoga is the perfect preparation for birth as you experience this time of change much more consciously, allowing you to make a smoother transition into being a mum. After all, birth is not just about the birth of a baby, but the birth of a mother too! 

Your Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Elli is a yoga teacher and a certified Doula, with experience leading prenatal as well as mama-baby yoga classes. Guiding mamas-to-be through the journey of rediscovering their bodies as it goes through the transformation of pregnancy is Elli’s passion and we are very excited to welcome her to the OM Yoga Stuttgart Family.  

Do you want to know more about Elli’s journey in yoga and prenatal wisdom? Click on the article below and enjoy the read!

The next Prenatal Yoga Classes at OM Yoga Stuttgart

The next classes will take place on the following dates: 

Tuesday April 12th – 10am
Tuesday April 26th – 10am
Tuesday May 10th – 10am
Tuesday May 24th – 10am

To sign up for class you can use your regular yoga card, if you have one, or purchase a drop-in pass for €20. Click on the button below to complete your sign up!

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