9 Years Anniversary Donation Class & Celebration


Celebrating 9 Years of our Yoga Studio in Stuttgart West​

Celebrating life is and always has been one of the core principles since our studio’s inception 9 Years ago. 
Sweet life, hard life, beautiful life, challenging life, all shades of life are worth celebrating because the whole is multifaceted, without darkness we wouldn’t know light and it is only in the tension of the opposites that we can appreciate the miracle of beauty. 
Who’s counting?
Nine years of building our beloved community, providing safe space for a rainbow family of people to practice yoga and meditation.
Doing our best to show up on and off the mat, inclusive of all circumstances, guiding with the heart. Because it matters. 
We know how lucky and blessed we are to do the heart’s work with you and we want to celebrate the practice, the studio, you and us!

You are all invited on Saturday April 2nd at 12PM to a Donation Birthday Class with Oz followed by Champipple and yummy goodness afterwards in the courtyard (bei schönem Wetter!). 
We believe in sharing and hope that you will find it in your heart to extend the benefits of the practice to people who are in need. 

You can attend the class for free but we ask you to consider donating what you can. We will devolve 100% of the donations to the following organisations, which we’ve been supporting throughout the years and that are a constant source of inspiration.
https://womenforwomeninternational.de/ : in developing countries it is usually women that pay the highest price in terms of fundamental rights, safety and opportunity. Women for Women international has been supporting women throughout the globe for decades and it’s currently supporting, among other projects, the women of Afghanistan through one of the harshest humanitarian crisis on the planet. 
https://yogasportwithrefugees.org : if you’ve been following us you know how much we appreciate the work of Yoga & Sport with Refugees. Yoga & Physical activity are crucial for a wholesome wellbeing of every human being. 

https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ : Doctors Without Borders is currently supporting the people of Ukraine by providing medical supplies, training and facilities to provide medical aid to those affected by the war. 

Capacity for class is limited, first come first served until full capacity is reached. You can sign in if you have an unlimited pass or membership or buy purchasing the ‚Donation Ticket‘ for €0.

Sign up at button below. 

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