Karma Yoga Class for the Humans of Lesvos


Land a hand to those in needs: karma Yoga class every 1st Wednesday of the month

A couple of years ago we were introduced to the work of Yoga & Sport with Refugees, an NGO operating in the Greek island of Lesvos, committed to helping refugees and asylum seekers by providing healthy and safe spaces to practice yoga, sport and physical movement. 

Sport is crucial for mental & physical health but is often undervalued when it comes to basic personal needs“ reads their website. We couldn’t agree more!

In September 2020, following the fire that destroyed the infamous Moria refugee camp we offered a one-off donation class to help them provide assistance to the thousands of people left with nothing, yet again having to flee for their lives. 

The team of YSR has been working ever since to grow their organisation and have managed to establish a safe space in three different locations in Greece, providing their services to over 30.000 people!

We are constantly inspired by those who dedicate their lives to help others and have decided to step up and help YSR by offering a donation based class every month, hoping to raise awareness and funds to bring yoga and sport to as many people as possible.

How does the karma yoga class works?

Every first Wednesday of the month at 5pm we will host a regular Hot Yoga class. You can attend for free but we ask you to donate a small amount to help YSR in their mission to bring physical movement to those in needs. The amount you decide to donate is up to you but we suggest a minimum of 15€. 

To enrol for the next Karma yoga class, go to our schedule and click on the class. In order to sign-up you have to purchase a “Donation Ticket“ (0€), your regular pass will not work to take part to this class.

The next Karma Yoga Classes will take place on the following dates: 

Wednesday 2/3/2022 – 17h
Wednesday 6/4/2022 – 17h
Wednesday 4/5/2022 – 17h

If you want to learn more about the work of Yoga & Sport with Refugees visit their website or check out their Instagram.

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