7 Affirmations To Get You Started With A Lifelong Practice


Words are powerful and can shape your thinking. Affirmations are positive sentences that are written, read and/or spoken to serve you in the present moment. 

To use an everyday analogy, much like when you take the first sip of your morning coffee and the action brings you into the present moment and gives you a much needed caffeine boost, your daily affirmations bring you into the present moment to nurture your conscious and subconscious mind with the fundamental truths you intentionally gift yourself with.  

The caffeine only works in your system when you drink the coffee and similarly affirmations only work if you write, read and/or speak them to yourself. 

Affirmations are used to rewire and program your thinking and perception over time, to empower your unique vision, to unveil and regularly nurture your Authentic Self.

Here are 7 positive affirmations at your service that you can start with and expand on however you see fit. Remember, you know better than anyone what you need and what your best self looks and feels like. Reflect on these aspects to write your own affirmations.

7 Affirmations you can start with:

1. I create my reality today through my thoughts, choices, actions, inactions and reactions
2. I am grateful for my body, my breath and my soul
3. Today I will experience small and big miracles unfold, today will be a great day 
4. Today I focus on what I want, because I get what I focus on and what I focus on grows and manifests into reality
5. I have all the strength and confidence within me to handle anything that comes my way
6. Everyone I encounter today has my best interest at heart. I deserve to live in a supportive, loving, smart, peaceful and fun community, because I am supportive, loving, smart, peaceful and fun. 
7. Life loves me and I love life

And I accept this blessing now, amen. 

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