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Ahura came into my life four years ago when I became pregnant and my skin started to “change” drastically.

While getting blemishes and spots on the body and facial skin can be “normal” during pregnancy, I didn’t want that to be my new normal, not because I like myself less with blemishes on my skin, but because I could feel my skin asking for support to stay balanced and healthy.

We had a little Ahura pop-up for everybody to test & enjoy at our Yoga Retreat in Sicily in 2017

Admittedly at that time I wasn’t that serious about my daily skin care routine and operated under the belief that I don’t have time for that “stuff”: my skin will be fine and take care of itself without me assisting externally. After all I eat healthy and exercise regularly, that’s all I need.

Well, I no longer hold that belief and I realized that an effective and natural system of skin care is a necessary part of my daily self-care routine. Best of all it’s fun, effective & feels good!

My daily Mantra: everything I do today I do with my body, that includes my skin, nourish it daily.

Earlier this year I visited Ahura’s Lab and got a behind the scenes tour directly from the Ahura ladies

Ahura was founded two decades ago by three kick-ass Lady Alchemists who took a leap of courage together and made their common dream come true. 

Taking their love for natural high-quality skin care and adding their respective areas of professional expertise, they gave life to a laboratory where they create natural and living products with the maximum concentration of active ingredients

Not only do Ahura’s natural skin care support my skin’s needs, but Ahura’s core mission also aligns with my personal codex of life:

I am part of Nature, take care of her, listen to her, learn from her, make her thrive, with science by your side!

Ethics is at the very core of Ahura’s philosophy and daily mission and this approach reflects on all aspects of the company’s life, from supporting the communities they work with around the globe to drastically reducing their impact on the environment.

That’s why I decided to collaborate with Ahura and bring their wonderful products to you.

discount_natural skincare

There will be free testers of selected Ahura products at the studio for you to give your skin a little treat after your next Hot Yoga class…I’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to share your experience with me!

I’m also delighted to announce that you’ll receive a 15% discount on your first online purchase on Ahura’s new online store (available in English and German). All you have to do is go on their website, pick your favorite skin care products and paste the coupon OMSKIN21 at checkout.

I promise you won’t regret giving Ahura a try!

Click on the button below to shop and redeem your 15% discount voucher!

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