SPLITZ N SPLITZ: 10 Day Split Challenge


Yoga Split Preparation Challenge

In this 10 Day Split Challenge you’ll prime your hips, knees and ankles with loving awareness and effort for each individual bone, tendon, ligament and muscle that makes up the lower body from the inside-out. 

This ultimately gives you range of motion to do the things YOU want to do with confidence.

Each morning we start with a calming Pranayama helping you to arrive and center the mind within the body. 

We’ll be working with blocks, belt and the floor to include isometric exercises that “look’ simple, but will get your heart-rate up and the chi energy flowing to all the right parts within your body, which includes your mind. 

Through practice you’ll learn a variety of mobility training exercises preparing your hips and legs for all the Asanas that include stretching legs in separate directions, weaving all parts together to flow as one, flexible and strong.

With a daily 30 Minutes Split preparation and mobility work-out you’ll build strength and gain range of motion (ROM) in your hips and cultivate muscle memory that improves your overall hip movement and makes you feel “confident” in practicing asanas or yoga flows.

Live on Zoom every day at 7.40am or On-Demand for 24h.

Starting Monday September 20th. 

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