Waaayback: 10 Day Backbend Challenge


Yoga Backbends

It’s time to bend it back a little.

Remember the warmth in the Hotroom getting the muscles and mind primed for yoga practice? Going waaayback, taking the light feeling into the future ‘cause you’ve made peace with the past?  The good news is that practicing backbends has multiple benefits on a physical, energetic and emotional level, even when practiced online from home.

the multiple benefits of Backbends

On a physical level it brings increased awareness, mobility and strength to the spine, our energy highway, and helps us build power in our legs, arms and back muscles through the activation of the quads and hip flexors and the extension of our arm muscles & shoulder joints. You will enjoy physical benefits such as an improved posture and you’ll be able to shed some of the annoying back pain off your body.
On an energetic and emotional level, backbends help us open up the shoulders and chest, an area where we tend to hold a lot of tension, making space for the heart & lungs to prosper. 

All this goodness is available to you! Get on the 10 Day Waaayback Challenge and practice a medley of asana & mobility exercises that will lead you gradually and safely deeper into backbends and will help you overcome fear & anxiety, boosting your energy level and leaving you light, powerful and gracious.


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