8 Years of OM Yoga Stuttgart is coming up!
It seems surreal how quick time passes, rushing down on us like a majestic waterfall shaping and soothing the sharp edges of solid rock.
It all started with the idea to create a place for small miracles to happen. A place to heal the soul, the mind, the heart and body one layer of fascia, one emotional pot hole, one ligament and one trauma at a time…
This past revolution around the Sun has been a challenging one and for the second time we won’t be able to celebrate our Anniversary live & direct. But we have something special to share with you: on Saturday April 10th we will offer a 60 min. Vinyasa class + 30 min. Healing meditation with Oz. This class will truly be a “trip” into yourself with the support and love of our beloved community. The class is free for everybody to attend!
We hope that practicing at OM Yoga Stuttgart with all of our wonderful teachers has brought some small miracles into your life and we wish it will continue to inspire you on your journey to the self.
Here is the details to join the class on Zoom:
Topic: 8th Anniversary OMYS
Time: Apr 10, 2021 12:00
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 959 8085 8941
Passcode: 530609
 Or sign up on the schedule and receive the link as for the usual classes. 
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