Pregnancy Yoga Class

Pregnancy and practicing yoga

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey of constant mental and visible physical change in a short period of time. As Women growing a new life inside our womb, we experience a myriad of emotions, sensations and feelings that can lead to many intricate questions to which we may not always have the answers to. 

What may help to clear confusion and reach a peaceful state of mind is the practice of Yoga and Meditation. In this one off class we’ll practice breathing techniques, yoga asana and mobility work that have helped me during my own pregnancy. 

I got pregnant at 38 and definitely felt my bone-structure changing in what felt like lightning speed. The yoga practice helped me ease the pain and prepare my body for Motherhood. I’m immensely grateful for this practice and look forward to sharing the goodness with you. 

Join me on Wednesday March 24th at 10am for a 60 minutes pregnancy yoga class. 

And in case you can’t attend during that time, still sign up and receive the class recording to practice in your own time. 

If you want to know more about pregnancy and yoga, here is my personal take on this very special time of a woman's life...

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