Visualise To Realise: A Guided Meditation


How Does Visualisation Work?

What we visualise has a great impact on how we feel. Exploring this technique consciously during times of stress, or in advance of a stressful situation  (like giving birth, taking a test, giving a presentation etc.), can help us find a greater sense of ease and equanimity with the situation in question.

Generally, visualisation is the process of creating a mental image or an intention of what you want to happen or feel in reality. For example: an athlete can use this technique to “intend” an outcome of a game or training session, or simply to rest in a state of true calm and well-being.

visualise to realise: a guided meditation

The following activity invites you to think about a scenario that typically makes you feel stressed, restless or uneasy. Invite yourself to use the power of visualisation to imagine a different way of experiencing the situation, as if you’re writing your own story.
As you visualise this new way, engage all of your senses to create a soothing, pleasing portrayal of a different way for the stressful situation to play out. Have a pen and paper ready for your visualisation meditation. 

Step 1: think of a situation that stresses you out.
Step 2: write down any belief that you normally tell yourself that contributes to the feeling of stress or anxiety when you engage in this activity. For example, if speaking in public or giving a presentation makes you feel nervous, an underlying belief might be “I’ll totally screw this up, I’m not good at speaking in public, I’ll say something wrong and everyone will judge me”. You can write down one word that reflects the essence of the situation you’re dealing with or you can write down entire sentences. There is no rule to journaling your internal happenings. Write like you would speak. 
Step 3: now consider a positive belief that would help you see this situation differently, using the example of the presentation or public speaking you invite your mind to think “I’m well prepared for this talk, I will do my best and won’t give attention to what others think of me”. Also write that down and place it to the side.

Now you’re ready for your visualisation meditation. You can choose to sit down (we recommend it) or lay down, however you feel most comfortable.

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