8 Tips to Improve your Online Yoga Practice


1. It's gonna feel different

As you know, every day is different when it comes to practicing yoga. Sometimes you’re stiff, sometimes you’re sweaty, sometimes your mind is spinning all around. And we ain’t gonna lie: Yoga at home can feel totally different than it does at the studio. The good news is you’re getting all the health benefits, just like you did in the Hot Room: building muscular and cardiovascular strength, improving lung capacity and circulation, and learning to quiet the mind. Be aware of new sensations that appear in the postures you thought you knew so well!

2. Place your yoga mat on a firm surface

Thick carpet underneath can make it very difficult to balance in standing postures. Put a towel on your mat. If you think it makes separate leg postures more challenging, you’re right! You want to use those muscles! Plus, it’s much more pleasant for the floor postures.

3. Use a mirror

Full-length is super but even a smallish mirror can be a huge help for your practice. Just like in the studio, we use the mirror as a tool for practicing pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses away from the superficial. It’s kinda paradoxical, but focusing the gaze on ourselves in the mirror improves concentration and helps you develop alignment and control within the poses.

4. Take a quick hot shower before yoga class

Chilly? Taking a quick hot shower right before class will increase your body temperature, and it’s a great way to clear your mind before practice. Even just quickly washing the feet is a wonderful little act of self-care and relaxation.

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5. Find the right space and make it your own

If you can find a quiet place at home to practice, lucky you! Make it your own: Light a candle, play a little music before class starts, give yourself a moment to just relax. And if you’ve got no choice—kids are running around, partner’s on the phone, car alarm blaring outside—but you want to practice? Don’t let anyone steal your peace. Embrace the chaos! It’s like weight training for your concentration muscle!

6. Test your Zoom set-up well before class starts.

The better we teachers can see you, the better we can help you develop your practice. Remember, we record ONLY the teacher’s video and audio. We know it makes some of you uneasy to have your camera on, but please remember we think of you as our yoga family. Sharing your yoga practice with our teachers helps increase your confidence and strength. Be proud of your practice: Show it off!

7. Put your phone on silent or leave it in the other room

Sometimes it’s good to be unreachable by the outside world. The time you spend in your practice is yours, all yours, and taking this ‘you time’ helps you be more present in the rest of your life.

8. Open up your yoga practice to your whole surroundings

You might notice your young ones wanting to try some postures too (savasana is a common favorite…); you may notice that roommates also find some peacefulness while you’re practicing; you may even notice your spouse or partner wanting to join in a class for real. A yoga practice can be contagious, in the best kind of way!

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