Our butt muscles are the biggest muscle group in our body and they play a vital role in the way we stand, walk, run, sit and move around. Strengthening our gluteus and hamstrings is key to stabilising our hips and back and can help prevent common injuries such as knee injuries, groin injuries & lower back pain.

We’re here to guide you responsibly and with fun. The challenge consists of 2 days of 20 min. gluteus and legs workout (HIIT style) followed by 1 day of 30 min. restorative yoga, for a total of 15 days in a row. The combination of workout & yoga will help you build strength and stamina, gain extra hip mobility and avoid injuries.

Join Isa and the yoga tribe in #dasbootychallenge starting on Monday January 4th. Take a 15 Day journey of transforming your body, boosting your energy level and showing yourself that you can do anything inclusive of all circumstances.

Every morning at 7.30am in live streaming or on demand for 24h after the live.


“Die Core Challange hat mir sehr viel Spass gemacht und war auch echt eine Bereicherung” – Uli
“Die Challenge war super. Kurz und knackig voller Energie in den Tag gestartet. Und ich liebe euch ❤️”  – Ivana

“Although I can not join the morning sessions, I bravely practice in the lunch-break or in the evenings! Just wanted to Tell you that I sweat Every day heavily (which is awesome in just 20 Minutes!!!) and I‘m really enjoying the short Workouts :)” – Ilona

“Thanks to you I am sweating my ass off every morning – and that is so great. And I also wanted to thank you for not putting too much attention on the arm muscles today. Yesterday I sounded like Monica Seles in her best times while trying to put dishes on a shelf 😊” – Vanessa
“I haven’t worked out since years. The first days of the #corechallenge have been so hard and painful, I was shaking all the time. Today for the first time since years i feel really good and strong in my body. Exercising my muscles has become from something I had to do, to something i like to do because i feel better and not anymore extremely weak.I didn’t expect all of this in just one week!”  Chiara

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