Our first Workout Challenge is here!

Feeling sluggish lately? You’re not alone.
Here is your chance to do something about it: the #corechallenge is ON like Donkey Kong! 🦍

A super effective way to get out of the stagnant comfort zone is to break repetitive patterns and do something completely different.

Nothing works, if we don’t. With that in mind, take off your masks and get into your body, more specifically into your core. Isa designed this workout with a set of fun exercises that will keep you engaged for 20 minutes and prepare you to rock on your day.

10 days in row, starting Tuesday December 1st. 20 minutes Core Play with Isa: LIVE every day at 7.30am or on demand for 24h after the live streaming.

Be willing to give up being safe and give space to your power energy center to open more freely and quickly. And remember you’re not alone, Isa’s here to core up with you!

Let’s play with fire! 🔥

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