Q&A With The Teachers


Practicing yoga at home without the heat and maybe without a mirror may have taken you to experience and do the postures in totally new ways. This can be exciting, like when we forget to worry about what a pose ‘looks’ like. It can also be frustrating: Am I even getting close to doing this pose right? Why does it seem like I’m moving backwards in my practice? 

For all these questions and more, we are going to offer special Q+A Sessions on Zoom where you can bring the technical questions, practical concerns, and general struggles that may be popping up as you continue your yoga practice at home. 

We understand that one of the drawbacks of online classes is not having the chance before or after to ask the teacher questions or share your experience of the class. The Q+A Sessions will be what you guys make it, like small Workshops that are built around just what you are interested in or struggling with. 

Two of our teachers will be present for each of the Q+A Sessions, lasting 45–60 minutes, sharing with you tips and perspective from their own practice and knowledge while answering your questions. Just like you, we love this stuff, and we do it every day. Our new situation is giving us a chance to go deeper into our practice in ways that might be totally new or even scary. The Q+A Sessions will show you that, even as we continue to miss our Hot Room and the vibes of the OM Yoga space, there’s still so much to discover and celebrate in our yoga practice.

Start thinking of your questions now. Because the time spent practicing yoga is like a whole other world, almost like a dream space, you might want to begin a yoga journal for writing down what comes up during your practice so you can share it in the Q+A Sessions (or just for yourself!) 

We can’t wait to see you on your mat and hear your thoughts and questions. 

First Q&A Session with Oz & Ev: Thursday 23/4/2020 at 7.15pm
Free admission, sign in here

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