We are temporarily closing the studio


Dear Yogis,

We have been following closely the developments of the Coronavirus spreading and, as you might have noticed by following our communication over the past couple of days, we have been trying to implement sensible measures to keep our community safe.

The situation is in constant evolution and it’s not easy to know for certain what the absolute right thing to do is right now. In Germany, the public health approach has been so far quite “light”, but all the factors and elements that we are observing point towards more strict measures to be implemented in the next few days.

It is our understanding that the only way to contribute, as individuals, businesses and community leaders in mitigating and slowing down the spreading of the virus – FOR THIS TO BE OVER SOONER THAN LATER AND FOR US TO GO BACK TO HUGGING, KISSING AND DOING YOGA TOGETHER – is to all be more mindful and responsible, to all slow down and change our habits and routines in a way that serves all of us. As individuals, we are asked to avoid shaking hands or hugging, to wash our hands better and more often, to be mindful about our own health and stay home even if we have very light symptoms. As a business, especially in our field, we have been debating what measures could we implement to take our own share of responsibility and contribute to keeping our community and the larger pubic safe. After discussing with health professionals in Germany and Italy and by following the official channels of both national and international authorities, we made the decision to temporarily close the studio as of today.

It is very important for us to relay the fact that this decision is not based on fear or panic, we have no doubt that this will all soon be contained and we will soon be practicing again together in the Hotroom. This decision is based on our sense of responsibility and our own desire to contribute, as an active member of a larger community, to preserve public health, by taking what we consider to be a very difficult but rational and common sensical decision, based on the evidence that science provides us with.

Only time will tell if we saw right through the information overload we experience on a daily basis, especially on the Coronavirus pandemic. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of preventive measures and we accept the idea of being part of something bigger than us, something that we can’t always control. Sometimes, we have to put our own interest to the side in order for us to achieve greater good. We believe that this is one of these times.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause anyone, but know that we are working on getting regular classes online for you to attend at home.

All yoga cards will be extended/paused for the time of the closing.

Continue following us on all channels for updates on live streaming classes.

I am You. You are Me. We are One.

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