Core fundamentals workshop


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Strengthen your core to strengthen your posture

A strong core is the essence of a happy life: Physically you need it to move your body in a healthy way: It provides stability, whether you’re standing on your feet or on your hands. It is the most center point of the body where all your movement originates. A strong core could prevent and help cure back-pain and injuries.
Mentally & energetically our core supports us in cultivating a strong & peaceful mind, thus influences the way we walk through life: Self-confident with a healthy ego.

In this workshop, Kat will guide you with practical tips and tools you can use to cultivate a strong core.  By strengthening your abdominal muscles you will be able to better support your back and to get deeper into your practice with more energy, clarity and ease.  

This workshop is two parts:

Part One (Theory): You will learn about the physical and mental basics of the core and why it is important to maintain it strong for your yoga practice.
Part Two (Practice): You will learn key asanas that address the center of your body and together  we will build a dynamic vinyasa flow focussing on building a strong core.

As a yoga practitioner for 15 years and being a dancer for many years Kat knows about the profound nature of a strong midline. The Berlin based yoga teacher is known for her strong, dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes that are filled with positive vibes, fun and challenging asanas.

Wether you recently started your yoga path or you already incorporated a regular practice into your daily life. Maybe you aiming for a deeper level or you want to practice fancy postures. This workshop is for you!

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Sunday March 29th 2020 – 2-5pm

Price: 38€

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