A small step towards a bigger goal


Starting January 13th 2020 we will no longer sell plastic bottled water at our studio.

We’ve been pondering about how, as a business, we could be a positive contributor to a cleaner, healthier environment. Stop selling plastic-bottled water is the first thing we can do and we are über happy to finally have found the right reusable bottle to make the transition. We know how important it is to hydrate before and after practice and we want you to have access to clean water when you come to practice. So we got our tap water tested and the results came back so fresh’n so clean clean. You can simply fill up your water bottle at the sink and enjoy safe & clean water. Here is the link for the results of our water test.

So, what happens if you come to the studio without your reusable bottle? Don’t worry, we got your back!  You can simply use one of ours and return it after practice or you can buy one of our new beautiful and reusable glass bottles, limited edition! They are produced by SoL Cups, a company committed to producing strong, lightweight and 100% plastic free bottles and cups. They are made out of hand blown glass, which doesn’t absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, and doesn’t leach chemicals into your beverage: the best in terms of hygiene, taste and environmental impact. They come with a protective silicone sleeve for extra resistance (and hotroom compatibility) and a practical cleaning kit. 

Cheers to clean water and to a no-plastic future!

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