Putting your breath to work


Photo Copyright Christoph Jäger/Yoga 39 Köln

When we breathe in, where do we breathe in to?
In this workshop, I will be sharing with all of you techniques I use in my own practice—like deep relaxation postures combined with intense, strength-building ones, or certain breathing exercises—to gain control of the breath and use it to move into, hold, and deepen asanas. We’ll find the hidden patterns of breath that happen inside of us and then learn how to direct those patterns towards specific areas and points in the body. Using a selection of poses and posture sequences (or vinyasas, for all you cool kids), you will feel how breath and alignment can be brought together and how to put this awareness to work. As you learn to utilize your new sense of breath and centering in the postures, whole new areas of muscle structures will be activated. 

We’ll be practicing for 90 minutes. I highly recommend both beginner and more experienced students to come. There will be information that is a little bit too nuanced to cover during our daily classes, but still easy to grasp and functionally useful no matter where you are in your practice. Whether you’re a 10-Day Intro newbie or a self-identifying yogi freak, I hope you’ll join me for this workshop. 

Please come prepared to sweat. And don’t be surprised when you feel something the next morning…

I can’t wait to see what you guys can do!

Saturday 29.02.2020 – 12pm 
Workshop price: 38€

Sign up via email or directly at the studio. 

Psssst we have new weekly classes starting in January 2020! And here you find our Holiday schedule.

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