Meet The Teacher: Anna


Name: Anna
Country of origin: born in Russia, raised in Germany
Years of Yoga practice: 6 years
Before I became a Yoga Teacher I worked in/as…Secondary school teacher. I still teach.
I looooooovvveeee this song: Wonderwall by Oasis. Always reminds me of good times and cheers me up.
I cannot resist: Everything with a board (snowboarding, skating, surfing) underneath my feet. I’m also madly in love with all kind of dance.
My motto: “Sharing is caring”
My favorite Asana (for the moment): For the moment I love the camel pose. A beautiful heart opener to release feelings and breath.
When I don’t teach I… like to live life adventurously, enjoy my personal yoga practice and be out in the nature.“

“It took me traveling most of the world to find something I had inside of myself the entire time”

I found myself constantly seeking salvation from a state of repeated toxicity I had allowed in my life. As a strong-minded woman, I always strived for perfection in everything, whether it was overthinking or competition, both had become the purpose of my life. As a sweet escape, I used my body to relieve my mind of emotions and consumption with thoughts. I’d push myself to unnatural limits and exhaustion in athletics just to gain a little mental relief. At times I felt lost and vulnerable with others and myself, yet I couldn’t explain it. 

As I traveled and exerted my mental limits, I realised I needed peacefulness, calm and to accept myself. While I journeyed to many wonderful places and met a bounty of beautiful souls who enriched my life in incredible ways, I also found Bikram yoga. 

What began as a “Let’s give it a try,” turned out to be a huge impact on my life. Yoga gave me back the awareness and connection to my body and soul, two of the most precious gifts of life. I learned to respect and love myself first in order to give love and respect to others. I finally felt I was on the right path. 

Although my yoga journey has crossed many directions, I found my true calling in Vinyasa yoga. Through the six years of practice, I slowly realised just practicing yoga wasn’t enough anymore. I realised I wanted to pass on my energy and my love for it to others, all of which brought me to the beginning of 2019 when I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Malta.

For me, yoga is a beautiful, flowing dance between breathing and moving. At times it feels more energetic and at other times it feels slower, but deeper connected. 

This magnificent flow helps me find and keep balance in life, connect with my body, strengthen it and most importantly, allows me to reconnect with myself. Yoga is a beautiful way to gain back clarity of the important things in everyday life. 

Sharing thoughts and practicing with others in my classes have been a gift I truly enjoy, I cannot wait to meet all of you and share my passion with each one of you.



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