Meet The Teacher : Kat


Name: KAT. Kat is from Kathrin – my Mum’s choice and I totally think it doesn’t suit me at all!
Country of origin: Germany
Years of Yoga practice: 15 years (unbelievable)
Before I became a Yoga Teacher I… worked as an editor & graphic designer and I am still doing this job.
I looooooovvveeee this song: „Eternal Soul“ by Hraach
I cannot resist: traveling
My motto: Trust the process
My favorite Asana (for the moment): Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana
When I don’t teach: I design collage art work

I used to be a dancer when I was young. As a Rock’n’Roll Dancer we did high competitive performances every weekend. So as a young student all I did was either dancing or going to school. When I stopped dancing I went basically straight into yoga. At the time I was studying Political Science in Frankfurt and loved to get my mind off all the theory while practicing quite an advanced vinyasa style flow. 

As I was working for Goethe Institut in Amsterdam, I discovered Bikram Yoga. It was true love at first sight. I loved every singe bit of this class – the incredible heat, the movement and the teacher’s voice was impressive. I knew right away I was going to become a teacher and this would be my kind of style. I loved the mix of sweating, a bit of suffering and the new born feeling afterwards. I was really impressed by the impact it had on me, how I felt in my own skin, body and mind. I had to give Bikram Yoga a break when I travelled through Australia for 6 Months and I started to really miss it. As soon as I touched down in Berlin I started again at Berlin Hot Yoga and went to practice every single day. There it was: my yoga-addiction.

I took the original Bikram Yoga Training in fall 2014 in Thailand. An amazing experience I’d go through again and again and again! One of my favourite parts was sharing the Hot Room with 333 other incredible yoga souls – twice a day. What a big family and an amazing experience to hear everyone breath at the same time! Shivers run down my back while thinking about it. Also, I met amazing creatures gathering together from all over the world who I’m still connected with and who I’ll always re-connect with while traveling, teaching and practicing.

Right after training I taught my very first class in Bangkok and then jumpstarted my teaching career at Berlin Hot Yoga, my forever home studio where I have been teaching a lot with all the other beautiful teachers. 

It’s been an amazing journey of 5+ years teaching, learning and living… 

In 2016 I took the chance to complete my 200hours Vinyasa Flow Training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica, California. This experience lead me to live 6 months in California, teaching Yoga daily. I absolutely loved it! It transformed my teaching abilities to a higher level and very much improved my understanding of the human body. I had finally found a way to understand myself through the practice of yoga. To me it is a form to communicate with my mind, body and soul, and allows me to connect with my students and everyone else who I meet along the way.  

I am very grateful that I have had the opportunities to practice and teach in Hawaii, LA, NYC, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and all the wonderful places I will visit. Yoga has completely changed my life. It has guided me to travel to unknown places, to meet the most beautiful people all over the world. It has helped me to heal myself and it will always be there!

Yoga to me is an ongoing process filled with love, education, living and learning. It is one of the most beautiful things to share in life. 

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