Saluting the Sun with Isa & Kat


Artwork by Kat Leimner

Learning the principles of Vinyasa flow

Have you just started Vinyasa Yoga and want to know more about the right techniques of the sun salutation? Have you never practiced Vinyasa Yoga, and want to get a taste of it?  Do you want to deepen your knowledge, and strengthen your yoga practice? Then, this workshop is just right for you!

Sun Salutation A (Sanskrit: Surya Namaskar) is the centerpiece of Vinyasa Yoga.  It consists of 12 exercises, which are repeated in a dynamic sequence, synchronizing them with your breath. In this workshop we are going to take time working on the techniques of the individual elements to guide you step by step through the sequence of postures. We will show you individual variations of postures, such as: down levels, and up levels, so that you enter the postures safely from here on out. This hands on theory will be followed by a joy-full 90 minutes Vinyasa flow session.
We will round up the afternoon with a meditation, a shared chanting, and a long savasana, where you will find your way into a deep relaxation.

In preparation of the workshop we offer you a special Vinyasa Class (60min.) on the evening before. While you focus on Sun Salutation A, we will concentrate on you to learn the specific areas which we will then target during the workshop in order to improve your individual practice. For flexibility reasons, this class is not covered in the cost of the workshop, though it can be covered by a regular yoga ticket. Participation is not mandatory but recommended, no registration needed, drop-in only. Get the most out of this workshop experience, and show up Friday @7pm.

The teachers: Isa and Kat

Isa and Kat met through the wonderful world of yoga. They both happen to be traveling, and wanted to exchange housing. They bloomed a friendship that shared a deep passion for yoga, and the benefits it gives to all individuals.

Isa: Isa has practiced yoga for 19 years, and has been teaching for 10 years.  Physical and mental traumas has led her to yoga. She loves spreading her love of yoga to others from all over. Traveling for the past 5 years doing so. She teaches Bikram, Vinyasa, and Yin, and wants to continue to expand her knowledge of all Asanas. Originally being from California, Isa now resides in Stuttgart aiming to become a midwife.

Kat: Kat has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching nearly 6 years. She found her love of yoga through dancing and therefore especially loves the dance elements of the Vinyasa Flow.  At the moment, Kat is mainly practicing Jivamukti, Bikram and Yin Yoga. Her home is Berlin, but as a yoga teacher and collage artist, she travels a lot throughout the world. Next summer she will participate at Sarah Powers’ Yin Yoga Training.


Friday 29/11 – h 19: use your yoga pass or drop-in 18€ 
Saturday 30/11 – h 12: 38€

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