Mantra chanting is an oral tradition that can be traced back 10,000-6,000 years ago in the Indus Valley civilization of the Vedic people, present day Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Nowadays, this practice of centering oneself and tuning into the inner calmness of the formless Supreme creator energy has survived in Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism and other shamanic traditions which praise the collective consciousness and help human beings attain their natural state of enlightenment and inner bliss.

Physically, Mantra chanting is a practice that uses sound to create vibrations and sensations in the body with the ultimate purpose of purification. 
Mentally, mantra recitation aids the practitioner to gain focus and sharp concentration and to detach from the activities of the mind to calm and still the mind in order to transcend to the pati state, which is our inherent ability to reach our natural state of inner happiness, peace, love and feel good sensations. 
Spiritually, the sacred sounds have been found to be beneficial for the practitioner to go from bodily consciousness to soul consciousness as one dissolves the “I”ness into “oneness”, from material to spiritual to the most subtle cosmic creative divine energy. 

In everyday life Mantra chanting organizes the life force energies that make life possible as we know it: the pranic shakti (pranic energy) and the chitta shakti (mental energy) that bring positive thinking, healthy sattvic lifestyle, inner peace, divine love connection and harmony between all layers of existence, from physical to most subtle astral/spiritual.

Mantra chanting has shown to lower depression, anxiety, stress and negative emotions as it brings the mind to stillness and cultivates the inner kingdom of divine love, our supreme super consciousness. As the sound of the mantra vibrates through the body and mind, it draws attention to a single point beyond repetitive thoughts and worries and makes you enter a state of complete relaxation, increasing awareness and sensitive clarity, uniting subconscious, unconscious and conscious states into a higher collective consciousness state in the present moment to enjoy the power of Now. Mantra chanting is also known to impact our chemical balance and the neural activity of the brain. 

Mantra chanting aids our digestive and immune system as different glands are activated through sound vibration and energy blockages are cleared in the energetic body, allowing free flow of life force through the 5 lower chakras to activate 6th and 7th spiritual chakras.  

Chanting mantras is for anyone and everywhere and gives all seekers a unique chance to connect to the divine power within. Join us on


Do you want to know more about Rupi? Read below about her journey with chanting!

My journey with mantra chanting started long before I can remember mentally, in the womb of my mother, but I definitely feel it activated energetically as I recite. 
As I was born and began to speak during my toddler years, my mother was my first mantra teacher that taught me Sikh mantras. Monomantras (which are one word mantras) were some of the first 10 words I learned to speak as a kid. 
Mantras such as “waheguru” and “Sat NAAM” were the basis of my mantra chanting practice that has continued around the world in India, USA, Italy, Thailand and Belgium with various teachers and spiritual masters of different spiritual practices of Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sufism. 

Until the age of 10 I was always happy to lead the chants with my whole family during sunset time. From the age of 10, when I moved to California, until the age of 18 I studied Verse mantras from ancient texts, holy scriptures, poems and prayers with my second teacher Narinder Babaji. There I learned longer (1-3 hr) long ancient spiritual mantras which I continue to practice every morning. 
During my early twenties I worked on the practices that had been instilled in me and whose seeds I cultivated for many years, and I began chanting with friends in university and with yoga students.
in the last few years I have been blessed to meet a few very important teachers: Gurudev in Rishikesh, Manish in Rajasthan and Anirudh Shastri Shastri in California. They are all senior teachers, highly educated and trained in yogic Vedic philosophy, mantra yantra and tantric yoga practices. I feel privileged to call them my Sanskrit teachers who are slowly sharing their wisdom and knowledge with me, on my path of learning the ancient practices of yoga in all its vibrant forms .
I also chant some mantras in Pali, Korean and Thai that I learned with my fellow Buddhist teachers and friends from Nichiren buddhism. 


Chanting for me has always been an intricate and intimate way to connect to the higher calm power within, to get rooted, centred and grounded. Chanting helps me have more good energy to share with all lovely yogis that I come across in all the hot rooms around the world and also people I meet at riverbanks and beaches while I’m enjoying sunrises and sunsets while on my holidays between teaching jobs. It’s my pleasure to bring this practice to you that has been passed down to me by influential spiritual teachers that taught me the way to the truth and enjoyment in all ways. 

I am super excited to enjoy the “best acoustics hotroom in the world” our lovely OM Yoga studio space and create good vibes amongst us in our satsang-spiritual gathering so we fill our cups of self love through mantra purification to share with others. Singing and chanting together around the world has always touched my heart and makes fondest of memories. So thank you all for having me and joining me for this incredible mantra meditation experience.


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