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As you might have noticed, we have a new website! 

Observing our studio growing, evolving and welcoming an always expanding community of yogis, we felt compelled to communicate better and more in detail what makes our studio unique and what it is that we offer daily to our amazing community of passionate yoginis and yogis.   

So what’s new? 

Expanded content and bilingual website: you can finally find all information on OM Yoga Stuttgart in German and English. We have expanded the content on our philosophy and approach to yoga, as well as on the yoga styles we offer. 

If you’re new to our studio, you will find all information to get you started on our Beginners Info page. We also added a Yoga Etiquette section where everybody can find useful guidelines on how to contribute to making our studio a safe and comfortable place where everybody feels cared for and respected. For any other question or doubt you might have, check our FAQ page. 

Weekly Schedule: the weekly schedule with the teachers assigned to each class will be published every Monday on the website and not on social media as we did in the past. So make sure you check our Schedule page regularly to plan your yoga week. 

Blog: we have renewed our News section where you will find all information regarding workshops, teachers updates and all things about yoga and studio happenings. 

Alongside our “Meet The Teacher” series, we are now hosting a “From Student To Student” special where our students will have a chance to inspire others and share their experience on yoga, from “how yoga got introduced to my life” to “how it changed my life”. We are always looking for new inspiration and we are über happy to give you a platform where you can read about different yoga journeys and share yours. If you’re interested in participating, please get in touch with us and we will gladly guide you on your way. In our first episode, we are introducing to you Claudia.

The blog is the only section of our website where you will not find all material in both English and German. We like to mix it up and have people share their stories in the language they feel most comfortable in. 

As with all new things, it might take a little bit for us to get everything running smoothly and for you to get used to the new format. We would love to hear from you about your experience on our website and we welcome every feedback on anything you might think we could improve on. So go ahead and explore it! 

The love in me salutes the love in you.

See you in class!



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