Meet The Teacher: Isabelle

Name: Isabelle
Country of origin: California USA 
Position at OM Yoga Stuttgart: Resident Teacher
Years of yoga practice: 19 Years
Before I became a yoga teacher…I was working and going to school for fashion design. I changed my path and no longer work in the fashion industry however I still love to be creative. 
I loooooooooove this song: listening to Billie Eilish’s albums right now.
I cannot resist: a knüsper Ring (hehe)
My motto: “Traveling is the antidote to ignorance” by Anthony Bourdain 
My favourite Asana (for the moment): currently working on my inversions its a daily practice 
When I don’t teach…I love to go for a swim or a walk in the park. 

I started practicing yoga in my late teens. I started with Vinyasa, moved to Bikram, as well as explored other styles throughout my 19 years of practice. I’ve been teaching for 10 years now, hard to believe. I started practicing to help my mental health as well as my physical health. But more so the former. I was a rebellious child and experimented a lot and became depressed as a result. Yoga fell in my lap during a difficult time as a teen. It changed everything in my life, from diet, sleep, lessening my consumption of material belongings, relationships with others, as well as myself, and my perception. That first yoga class I was hooked. I knew I had found what I needed. It was also the most difficult thing I had ever done, mentally and physically. As well as one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced. 

I became a Bikram Teacher in the USA in 2009, then certified in Washington DC for a few variations of Vinyasa in 2016. My latest training of Vinyasa (Sacred Geometry) was last year (2018) in France. I’ll be going back to school soon, to start a midwifery program here in Germany. 
I love being a student, I love being a teacher. I think it’s important to remain “teachable”. There’s so much information out there, and as a student I need to make sure I get the information right to relay it to my students in my teaching. I’m forever grateful to my fellow students and teachers. Being able to travel the world to spread yoga to as many corners as I possibly can is the most rewarding practice for me. 

These past couple years I’ve had a great opportunity to come here to Stuttgart to teach. I’m so excited to be welcomed into my new home for the next few years here in Stuggie. It has always felt like home, which made my decision very easy. Mainly because of the community, the students, and the love and generosity from the owners. I’m proud to be apart the team here at OM Yoga Stuttgart.

Yours truly,

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