Dancer Pose Vinyasa workshop with Jib


Join Jib on August 25th at 2pm for a 90 minutes intermediate asana exploration on Natargiasana, also known as the Dancer pose.

The Dancer, with the Sun shining powerful in the Summer, this graceful and elegant posture is perfect to help us ‘tune in’ to the rhythm of the Earth as it cherishes its vibrant and fruitful time and prepares our minds towards the cold and quietness of Winter.

Natarajasana a.k.a. “The Lord of the Dance” asana is an ancient posture which connects the practitioner to the energy of Shiva who in ancient Hindu Mythology is a powerful God of Destruction. The idea is to embrace destruction and even death as part of the cycle of change and growth, when practicing this posture we are reminded that no good can exist without evil and no birth can exist without death. Every end is a beginning of something new.

Physically this asana helps to strengthen the legs, stretching the quads and iliopsoas muscles. The pectoral and shoulder muscles are streched and you’ll feel the true range of motion in the shoulder joints, the chest opens to rejuvenate the heart and lungs. Even though you may feel shaky shaky at times you’ll quickly notice how your balance is improved with mindful control. Mentally this posture helps you to cultivate high focus and concentration to feel clear without a doubt.

If you are new to Vinyasa, we suggest you take a few regular classes before joining this workshop.

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Workshop Price: 25 €

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