Meet The Teacher: Rupi


Name: Rupi, short for Rupinder (Indra – god/goddess of; Roop- beauty) 
Country of origin: India
Position at OM Yoga Stuttgart: Visiting Teacher
Years of Yoga practice: 11 1/2 years (Bikram) and 28 years Bhakti yoga
Before I became a Yoga Teacher I…was a student at the University of California, Riverside
I looooooovvveeee this song: Creancient – Xavier Rudd & the United Nations“
I cannot resist: dark chocolate with sea salt, fresh coconut water out the coconut and coconut ice cream
My motto: simple living high thinking
My favorite Asana (for the moment): triangle: lets me know how well I am that day. I did it during my dengue recovery!
When I don’t teach I…read poems by Mira Bhai (old Indian woman yogi! ) hike and play my singing bowl in the jungles and forest of the country I’m traveling through.

Namaste fellow yogis!

I’m Rupi traveling from Fresno, California popping by to enjoy some hot yoga in your lovely studio in cute little Stuttgart, Germany!

I visited last year for couple of days with my fellow friend and teacher Jib in the summer and loved the hot floor, hot room and the hot yogis.

Each place I return to has left a strong connection in my heart and has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life such as good yoga practice, good food, good music, good people, so therefore I can’t wait to revisit Stuttgart to continue my growth in life and yoga on and off mat.

Usually I spend a lot of time teaching, eating gelato, practicing yoga, walking, exploring markets and learning Sanskrit and Bhagvad Gita with my gurus in eternal city of love: Roma!

At the moment I am actually enjoying the tropical thunderstorms and loud powerful rainstorms in the craziness of Jakarta, capitol of Indonesia with the awesome hot yogis in Southeast Asia.

Returning back to Jakarta this time after 3 years, Yoga magic started happening immediately when I stepped into union yoga, the studio where I teach currently. Here is the story:

My Very first class back, I was standing at the check-in desk at union yoga Jakarta Thinking back of the last few times I taught in different parts of Jakarta and dearly missed some of the dedicated yogis from last 6 years. Miraculously out of 19 million people in this city all 6 yogis that I had been reminiscing about showed up to practice. In that moment, I was instantly reminded of the power of yoga to unite not just our own individual mind, body and soul but the union amongst us all in this divine collective consciousness. Inside that first class back with those dedicated 6 and more new yogis, I felt the collective energy and excitement coming together to create a beautiful purifying 90 min practice that brought us together back to stillness and sacred source within to enjoy ultimate yoga experience.

I feel truly blessed and happy to have found my dharma- duty and purpose in life to share such moments of connectivity, love and growth with other fellow yogis exploring hatha yoga on our path of self realization together. I continue to travel and teach around the globe to enjoy time in the hotroom during the day where we cleanse, heal our bodies and mind of impurities and explore deeper within through the dynamic moving meditation of the therapeutic hatha yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. I look forward to enjoying more moments of Bikram, Yin and Hatha Vinyasa flow happiness and communion on the mat with what’s within and around with all of you lovely folks in Stuttgart.

Soon I will be making my way back to Europe after traveling and teaching through Italy, Thailand, Indonesia and India experiencing all 4 seasons and more of mother earths play of nature in just past 4 months. I will join you all for some unpredictable spring weather and fresh European air around April. Until then, everyone enjoy living the yogic life of „simple living high thinking“ as stated by the yogi masters of Himalayas. Get set and ready to sweat!



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