Meet The Teacher: Jib


Name: Jib…Jib means „the sound of a little bird“. My parents gave it to me as my nickname because of a sound I used to make all the time when I was little
Country of origin: Thailand
Position at OM Yoga Stuttgart: Visiting Teacher
Years of Yoga practice: 18 years (OMG…I’m so old) 
Before I became a Yoga Teacher I…worked in Science as a scientist. I still do this job
I looooooovvveeee this song: right now I am listening to “Anywhere” from Rita Ora a lot
I cannot resist: “the chance to go on adventures”
My motto: “I lead with my heart”
My favorite Asana (for the moment): at the moment I am working on all kind of splits
When I don’t teach I…like to play with my dog

Coming from a high impact Sports background I suffered many injuries to my body, which didn’t allow me to continue being an athlete anymore. I feared that I would never be able to get a complete workout again until I discovered Yoga in 2007, that’s when my journey began.

As soon as I experienced my first Bikram Hot Yoga class I was hooked, surprised and in awe. My mind and body were in a state of complete exhaustion and rejuvenation at the same time and I couldn’t explain to myself what happened. This Yoga was different to anything I’ve ever done: there was no jumping, no running or heavy lifting. Just limited space on the mat, moving the body to clear instructions and after a 90 Minute class I felt both dead and brand new.

I became a regular practitioner and student of Yoga. First I started attending one class a day, soon I took a double, two classes back to back and when I had enough time I took three classes a day. There is truth to “practice and all is coming”, I dedicated myself and all my free time to Yoga and fell in Love with the practice and myself.

Eventually I started feeling and seeing real change and progress inside and outside of myself. Both my body and mind became stronger and flexible. I decided to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher and completed Teacher training in 2012, being a Scientist by trade my curiosity kept me going and I completed Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2014.

I’m overjoyed and grateful each day that I can share my experience and passion for this complete and invaluable Yoga with students around the World. I am grateful and lucky to meet many beautiful yogis and yoga students around the World who inspire me and give me deep appreciation for the job I chose to do. Whether it’s first-timers, regular students or fellow teachers, when we practice together in a 90 Minute class we all learn and experience something new each time.

One particular thing I’ve learned, internalized on my journey which I love to share with all students and teachers in my classes is from the Eastern Philosopher Lao Tsu:

“The World’s big things only can be done by paying attention to their humble beginnings: stay humble, work hard and be kind” always.

Yours, Jib

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